ESB development services

KWK software development division focuses on the development of custom Enterprise service bus applications. In todays converging, inter-operable world, companies needs their various software platforms to be able to interchange data automatically. KWK has developed tools for syncronising ERP systems with e-commerce sites, all the way to banking system exports being syncronised with data from laywers debt collection management software.

Best practises such as: unit testing, version control and documentation are all standard practise for all KWK development projects.

Previous Custom Software Projects

Fleet Management & Booking Software

Manage your fleet of vehicles. Keep track of kilometres, maintenance, fuel usage and more.


  • Live Booking System
  • Integration with other systems such as Computicket
  • Monitor fuel, maintanence and other costs



StaffControl – Fingerprint Clock Card System

Staff clock-in system that uses their fingerprint.


  • Displays image of staff as they clock in
  • Different colours for Clock IN and Clock OUT meaning illiteracy not an issue
  • Reporting that highlights staff arriving later or leaving early.